First Days

Alex on her very first day at school

Alex on her very first day at school

Stephanie on her very first day at school

Stephanie on her very first day at school

Stephanie and Alex on Alex's first day at school

Stephanie in an unusually sensible pose.

Stephanie in an unusually sensible pose.


More photos of Stephanie on her first day at school here.


First Day Back To School – Alex, Year Three






One Day They’ll Risk Giving Her a Bow

Alex has taken up the violin.  Not sure what else I can say about that.  In the meantime we are tasked with thinking up sentences where all the words start with  G, D, A and E.

First Violin


Alex is Six (again)

Alex and the queen.  Two birthdays celebrations.  This weekend was Alex’s public birthday party.

We invited some of her friends round to the house and fed them six types of sugar.  And then they rioted and mugged Ian (see photos below). Of course it is his own fault that he armed them with swords but we all learnt important lessons.

I learnt that if you decorate a birthday cake with sweets then the children will eat the sweets and leave all the cake.  I could have iced a cardboard box and decorated that for all the cake that was eaten.

Mind you I have a bit of a cold this week and it’s handy to have all that cake to save me from having to cook lunch for myself.

Sick Girls

Stephanie and I have colds.  None the less the day went well.  Apart from those hours Stephanie wept piteously because she couldn’t get her hair cut today.  We went to see Alex perform in the Year One circus performance.  She was easily the best ribbon twirler.  Though I may be biased.

Stephanie didn’t make it through to bed time.  At some stage during the bedtime tv programme she made a nest on the couch and conked out.

Fast Asleep

A Kilo of Lego

I bought another kilo of lego on ebay.  Fantastically random bricks from all sorts of sets.  Within five minutes Alex had built this space ship.

May Day Bank Holiday

So it rained on the Bank Holiday.  Well of course it did.  We could have stayed in and let the wee ones stew in front of the television.  Or we could have stayed in, turned off the television and spent the day telling the wee ones that it was more fun with the television off.  Or we could go out in the rain.  The rain won.  Easily. 

We headed to Audley End to the Fairy Woodland and the miniature trains.  And it didn’t really rain much at all.

First we searched for fairies in the fairy wood.  It was all very straight forward which was handy as Stephanie did not care at all about fairies and wanted only to get to the end and to the bouncy castle and miniature trains.


Alex crosses another fairy off the list.


Click here for more photos of the Fairy Woods.

After that we had a couple of rides on the miniature trains.  Lots of fun.  Though I think Stephanie vacillated between joy and terror.  The tunnels and some of the (many, many) stuffed animals dotted along the tracks worried her a lot.  Alex loved it and even had an extra go.



Click here for more photos of Alex on the miniature railway.




I have brushed Stephanie’s hair and trimmed her fringe.  That shouldn’t be astounding but it is.

And all without the use of chocolate incentives.

Plus, she wore a slide in her hair for most of the day.

She hasn’t been well, perhaps that explains it.

I Blame Nursery and/or the Television

Ok, so just the other day I was startled to discover that Stephanie can draw.  When did that happen?

Of course, once she had announced that it was a picture of Mummy she went straight on to draw Mummy’s drink.  I’m sure it was a nice herbal tea she had in mind.

Mummy's Face (it is a remarkable likeness)


And today, just to prove it wasn’t a fluke she drew another face.  I was very impressed.  Time to start pushing the boundaries.   So I asked her write an S.  S for Stephanie.  It is her favourite letter.  She has told most of the random strangers on Mill Road (and they are mostly quite strange) this fact.  She also tells them her favourite number, animal and colour.  Everyone should know.

Anyway, off she went and drew what could indeed pass for an S.  Lucky for Stephanie, I thought, to have such a nice easy letter to start your name.  Even so, who knew she could do that!  I blame Cbeebies.

Then, just to show off, she went on to write an A.  A for Alex.  Seriously now, someone has been teaching my child how to write and not told me.

Mummy's face with A and S tattooed on it (I believe this is what she really wants).


What else can she do that I don’t know about?  Make dinner?  Change a the tire on the car?  Sculpt marble?  Quadratic equations?  I would not be in the least surprised.


In which Stephanie adopts a parsnip and needs a haircut

In the house of a million toys Stephanie decided that her favourite one was this parsnip.  Yesterday the parsnip wasn’t feeling well and had to be snuggled up in the tea towel.  Today parsnip was feeling better and so came with us to watch Alex at capoeira.

Click here to watch Stephanie discuss the parsnip.

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